Hannu Oivo

I am a freelancer set builder / set master / assistant set designer and have been working at movie-, tv-serie and theatre productions since 2003. I living in Oulu but distance isn’t broblem. Cv available if you’re interesting my services.


Autorentti offers high-quality cars and individual service. Our fleet includes cars, vans and trucks, minibuses and trailers.
Keeping in mind the needs of productions, we also rent portable toilet and break rooms. You can also order our cars with clothes rack etc. We always serve flexibly!

ihme fakiiri osk

ihme fakiiri osk (wonder fakir coop) is a group of professionals in film and tv industry. We have various departments, including costume- , camera-, light-, edit-, make up and hair and sound department. Many of us have worked as a Head Of Departments.

Honkalamedia Ltd

Media Expert – Ideas and Videos

Location scouting, fixer services, large network. Fixer for Al Jazeera et al. Guy Henderson, China Global Television Network CGTN, Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit July 2018: “Mikko used to be the best fixer ever in CGTN. Now he was even better.”

Over 40 years of media experience in TV news, print, radio. Language English, Swedish.

Tmi Maarit Tuononen

Maarit Tuononen is an experienced costume designer whit an demonstrated history in tv- and filmworks. She also has a wardrobe for rent.

Emilia Kokko Creative

Emilia Kokko is a stylist and set designer with several years background in fashion and visual marketing.
Since 2021 she has worked with different projects and clients as a stylist, set designer and with interiors.

In her work, Emilia pays attention to details, colors and unexpected combinations.
She is able to combine her extensive knowledge from the fashion industry, interior design and styling, and likes to dive into a new topic.
She believes that even small things have an impact on the story and the situation being depicted. Please don’t hesitate to contact!

Stringular oy

Stringular provides VFX, title sequences, graphics, animation, and other motion graphics services for TV and film.

Heli Lindroos


Erika Reponen Art

I am a Tampere based visual and UX expert with 26 years or working experience. I create graphics, illustration, animation, art, UI, UX, concepts, etc. on a really wide scale and with real enthusiasm. I have studied graphic design and AV media culture at the University of Lapland and defended my Doctor of Arts thesis in 2020. Thesis topic was about the early days of mobile video from human & society point of view, titled: “Mobile video communication 2005-2010”. I worked about 18 years in Nokia (as a designer and researcher in a wide variety of projects and teams). After that I worked less than a year as an AD in AR company and now for a good 5 years I have worked via my own company (Erika Reponen Art) making for example game graphics, brand graphics, UI and UX. I don’t actually create 3D graphics myself (I’ve done that a bit and to a certain extent I’m able to use 3D applications too, but I’m not really an expert in it technically) but I design and create concepts very fluently and with pleasure also for 3D environments. For example, I have done a lot of AR, both for research and in practice. I‘m interested in projects from small to large scale, be it an individual illustration or a concept for a large project, or anything in between. Would be lovely to hear from you!